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NBA 2K15 Face Scan Glitches

NBA 2K15 makes use of the Playstation camera for PS4 to allow gamers to scan their faces and become a character in the game. The feature uses face detection algorithms that often fail to identify the features of the face correctly creating monstrous glitches. I’m considering buying this game now just to make glitch portraiture. Images found on Twitter.

Pure art.






Kids Show…

Why is this show not more popular

I don’t know. Even if you ignore the obvious eye-candy in front of you, this was a good episode with a good moral/lesson. Kudos.

That and the rest of the show is pure cartoon craziness that’s not concerned with having super deep meaning to it and is just here to have fun, like older Cartoon Network shows.


One thing is for sure, hope to see more Aunt Grandma or other hotties on Uncle Grandpa.